Ira Edelman

Ira Edelman

Director of Photography

Welcome to the Family
Directed by Madeline Rocco

MeUndies 30s Commercial
Directed by K. Harrison Sweeney

Wake N' Bake Ep. 4 - Tacos w/ Shwayze and BVillain

In episode 4 of Wake N' Bake we discuss, touring, bras and weed oil infused Sriracha sour cream w/ very special guests Shwayze and BVillain.

Posted by Carlie and Doni on Friday, November 20, 2015
Higher Self - House Music Hustle
Directed by Aaron Fradkin

Carlie & Doni - Halloween Special
Directed by Carlie & Doni

I Am NOT Black, You are NOT White. These Labels were Made Up to Divide us.

Posted by Prince Ea on Monday, November 2, 2015

The Grid
Directed by Andi Osho

6 Shots (Trailer)
Directed by David Groves

From the Trailer to the Grave (Trailer)
Directed by K. Harrison Sweeney

Satellite Sky - 'Next Time' (Music Video)
Directed by Thomas Martin

Freaky Boiz -- None (Official Music Video)
Directed by Ira Edelman

Precious Cargo - Doritos Crash the Super Bowl
Directed by Tom Martin

GBH at the Fonda Theater
Directed by Michael W. Abbott

Spago - Eater/Vox
Directed by Stanley Lee

One Last Case
Directed by Paul Renna

Roberta Dixon: Vivid [Studio, all segments]

Roberta Dixon: Vivid [Paintings, all segments]

Lazarus (Teaser)
System: Sony F5

City Tavern, Culver City -- Specials spec
System: Sony F5

Osiris Fire -- FLOWERS music video
System: Sony F5

Project Greenlight: No Longer (Directed by Richard Duryea)
System: Sony F5

The Looking Glass (Directed by Deborah Venegas)
System: RED Epic/Anamorphic

Nacosta IndieGoGo campaign (Co-Directors Ira Edelman & Brandon Graham)
System: RED Epic & Canon 5DII

Live Together, Die Alone (Directed by Karolina Mikolajczak) [Trailer]
System: ARRI Alexa/Arri Ultra Primes

In the Dark of the Forest (self-directed)
System: RED Epic/Anamorphic